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Wednesday, November 26th 2008

6:08 AM

Be Creative...

What am I doing these days? I am busy writing music with Jenan, a sixteen year old soul singer from Brooklyn. We are working with Singh Birdsong, who is co-producing with me.  Singh has played guitar live with me since the Luscious Jackson days.  We are blown away by Jenan, who I don't want to hype too much cause she is the real thing.

I will be posting music and video here for Jenan in the coming weeks and months as she moves ahead into performing live around NYC.  She just did a concert at my house which was beautiful. 

Other news includes Gabby Glaser of Luscious Jackson having a baby a couple weeks back. Mom, son and dad are all happy and healthy.  The other Luscious Jackson ladies have small children as well so that is why we have not performed together for a reunion, though the intent is there. You never know!  It would be sweet and fun to get back together for some shows at some point.

Brooklyn continues to be a great place to raise kids, our public school is great (except for the No Child Left Behind stuff which involves masses of data collection and testing, but all US public schools have to deal with that).  Our teachers do an amazing job of keeping the kids interested and having fun despite the paperwork they as teachers are stuck with.

Quick rant: I hope the new US government puts someone in charge of education who is a true educator, not a corporate bureaucrat. We don't need to waste millions of dollars as we do in NYC paying for data crunching. That money should be in the classroom where teachers need supplies and children need enrichments.  Let's remember to foster creativity in our children, not just test them for literacy and math skills.  Creativity will be valuable in the coming decades!

Celebrate ideas and art,


My friend Johanna sent this to me. Give him a chance to get going


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