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Monday, November 9th 2009

11:33 AM

Tamra Davis Cooking Show

Hey-I just did the music for the Pumpkin Pie episode of Tamra Davis' cooking show on iVillage.com. I am going by the name "Hey Brooklyn" and my song is called "#1 Popcorn".  The show should be up on iVillage in the next few days.

Tamra directed the video for "LADYFINGERS" by Luscious Jackson, as well as our first two videos: "Daughters of the Kaos" (shot by Spike Jonze of "Where the Wild Things Are" fame), as well as "City Song".  Did anyone notice Taylor Swift's rip of the  "Ladyfingers" dancing bus on the MTV Music Awards? Taylor is on a subway but that's the only major difference. I actually like being copied, it's fun.

Tamra is married to Mike D. of the Beastie Boys, and he makes an appearance here and there on her shows, as do their sons. Tamra shoots all of this herself (!) in her house, and stars in the show as well. She has no camera operator-she just sets up the camera and starts cookin'. She also edits it herself. She said she's lucky she can't make music or she would be doing that, too. She has always been an amazing cook and I am so glad I got to participate in her show.


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